What keeps preachers preaching?

Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day. Many of my brothers, friends, colleagues, associates and acquaintances will stand in front of a gathering of people and proclaim a message from the Lord. Not all sermons are messages for the Lord, but many are. There are a great many pastors who strive with great purpose, diligence and effortRead more

The passion of Christ and your problems

In Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ, as Jesus was hanging on the cross and dying, he had vivid flash backs.   There is no biblical evidence for these flashbacks; but Hebrews 12.2 tells us a bit about the psychological state of our savior as he was dying. What was in the mind ofRead more

“Brain-dead…” Birds and Boats…

Something was rolling around in my head and I was looking for a good way to say it. I felt “brain-dead.” Here’s how it went: • A High school friend on Facebook thought that her house might be haunted. The reason: every time she looked into the mirror some “old woman” jumped in front ofRead more

Fly fisherman and Worms?

Ever since I was a small child, I have loved to fish. As I grew up, I had opportunity to fish from the shores of small lakes and ponds. In my college years, I found myself in western New York State where I was able to fish for trout in small rushing streams. It wasRead more

Letter to an inquisitive friend…

Dear Reggie, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and giving me an opportunity to interact with you. I have been thinking about our recent conversation and would like to respond to it. I was very happy to hear that you have a good understanding the importance of faith in Christ and his workRead more

Reading, reading, reading… And then reading!

Growing up in a Christian home has many advantages and blessings. From an early age I was taught the importance of the Bible and personal Bible reading. When I was about in the 5th or 6th grade I remember that the teenagers in our church carried bright red leather Bibles. This was impressive to me.Read more

With me!

  I really like words. You might call me a sort of “word nerd.” My writing takes me longer than most because I’m always searching the proper word or phrase – probably at the expense of clearly expressing my original thought. So, typically my preaching places a lot of emphasis on the meaning of wordsRead more

Since my last post…

A lot has happened since my last post. I last posted on Friday, June 26 and wrote about an unusually difficult week. I didn’t mention it, but just prior to that post I had experienced an episode of autonomic dysreflexia (big-name for my nervous system trying to find out what is bothering it). My bloodRead more

Rough week!

  It’s been a rough week for me. I have a lot of things that I want to be doing – things I really should be to doing. But it has been difficult for me to accomplish much. I am very thankful that my paralysis has also been accompanied by a lack of sensation. IRead more

Lessons from a Respite in Richmond

Respite: a brief period of rest and recovery between periods of exertion…; A short period of rest from having to deal with a difficult or unpleasant situation (Bing Dictionary) I have spent the last few days in the Richmond Virginia Veterans Administration Medical Center. My annual physical examination had been postponed from May until June.Read more