Three Close Friends

I frequently hear comments like: “I admire your strength.” I suppose it’s because I seem to be functioning rather well in my wheelchair even though I am paralyzed from my shoulders down. Actually, these comments surprise me since I am much more familiar with weaknesses than ever before. Since my injury in the spring of 2010, I have become intimately acquainted not only with paraplegia but also three of its associates: UTIs, pneumonia and C. diff.

During the first three years following my injury I repeatedly and continuously struggled with these problems. On a few occasions these bouts resulted in hospitalization. These three maladies are a constant threat and imposing enemies. One bout with any one of them seriously weakens my condition and saps almost all of my energy. Often times there is a follow-up visit with one or both of the others.

More than once I have been laying in a hospital bed and felt too weak to read the Scriptures or to pray. I am very grateful that the Lord has provided me with a loving wife and God has repeatedly used to strengthen me in the Lord. There’ve also been visits from pastors and friends who have encouraged me. I thank God for these encouragers.

There have also been many times when no one is around and I am feeling very low – too tired to think and barely able to pray. At times like these I usually get a visit from one of my three close friends.

Following my injury, in the early days of my current situation, I started recalling bits and pieces of The Apostles Creed. This is not surprising as I had been preaching a series on it and so many of the words and supporting Scriptures were relatively fresh in my mind. I remember thinking about (okay at first just remembering) and rejoicing in the love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit for me. Although I couldn’t remember all the words at first, I kept trying and eventually they came to mind. Since then, I frequently return to meditate upon these words and concepts. There

Likewise, even while my mind was clouded with medications and fatigue, I could pray for my wife, children and grandchildren. As I tried to expand my prayers I began to think upon the words Jesus instructed us to pray – frequently known as the Lord’s Prayer. Again, I struggled to remember it in its entirety but persevered and was eventually rewarded. I began to remember it in entirety and began to meditate and expand on each of the phrases.

More recently, I have added Psalm 23 to my inner circle. I am learning to focus not only on the complete Psalm also the words and phrases to receive comfort and strength from the Lord. It is truly a great comfort to know that the Lord is watching over me for good and not for evil.

So, I’m glad to recommend these three intimate friends to you. I am visited by them very often, especially during the night and early mornings when I am unable to sleep. I also encourage you to become more familiar with them and to treat them like close friends.

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  1. Kip, from a distance I had heard of your injury. But as too often happens, my busy life did not lead me to dig further. Now, having just connected with you via your LINKDin reach-out, I found your blog. Very moving as you share so transparently. I have been a chaplain to many, many seniors with frail health for the past 8+ years, and have learned a few things about UTIs, pneumonia, and Cdiff myself, tho’ so far, indirectly. Feel free to email me at my email address so we can re-connect. I am in the Pittsburgh area, and have friends in Virginia Beach I am hoping to see before Thanksgiving. If we can work it out, I’d love to come visit you! – With You in Christ, Bill Johnson (your former fellow MTW missionary, in France)

    1. Bill,
      Yes, I do remember you.. It would be great to see you again. I will be in the Richmond VA hospital from November 11 – 18 but otherwise expect to be home. The remainder of the month. My email address is: and my cell phone is: 757-508-2632. Sometimes it’s better to contact my wife’s phone: 518-860-9441. Please get in touch.
      Kip Slawter

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