Onomatopoeia for me!

What do the words hiss, buzz, thud and murmur have in common? Give up? They are all onomatopoeias. Remember hearing about those in 8th grade grammar class? Can one of those things teach us anything? You may be surprised at what you learn as you read on at: hopeforkip.com

Waiting… Waiting… More waiting…

A close friend is waiting for serious surgery… A relative and mentor are waiting to discern the effect of recent chemotherapy treatments… An acquaintance from the VA hospital waits in ICU for the source of his infection to be discovered… A young woman waits for the right young man to come into her life… WaitingRead more

Wait… Wait… Wait…

“Wait until your father gets home.” “Wait! You are going to hurt yourself.” “You will just have to wait until dinner.” “I can’t wait until my birthday/I’m 16/I’m out on my own/…” “You will just have to wait.” “Wait here while I go over there and pray.” (Jesus words to his disciples) Waiting is aRead more

Blog 2.7.15

“How are you doing? Do you need anything?” asked Judy my loving, compassionate helpmeet of so many years. (Incidentally, your time and especially your attention would be completely exhausted if I were to list even a small portion of her many selfless efforts in my behalf!) “Sure Pop–Pop!” Says the beautiful little girl (Isabel myRead more

“I win. I win.”

“I win. I win.” There is a soft familiar knock on my bedroom door at about 7:45 each weekday morning. It’s my 4 (almost 5)-year-old grandson, Jonathan. When queried, he always responds, “Is it moofy (translation smoothie) time yet? Jonathan, Judy and I take great delight in sharing this special time together. It almost neverRead more


Over the course of my injury, I’ve had several occasions on which to discuss various infections with contagious disease specialists. I have also personally known a physician who specializes in infectious diseases. The license plate on his car reads: Bug Doctor. I can imagine that this term – contagion is very familiar to him and possiblyRead more

What! Me grouchy!?

This morning I had a “discussion” with my wife. She advised me that I was grouchy… Of course I didn’t believe her – she was just tired and frustrated… A little while later I got to my computer and checked my email. Each day I receive an email from dictionary.com and another from Matthew HenryRead more

Larry and the NCAA trophy

Do you know Larry Culpepper? He is the fictitious character on a TV commercial selling Dr Pepper, presumably at a football game. Larry surreptitiously discovers the NCAA Championship Football trophy in a secluded hideaway inside of a packed stadium. Entering the “sanctuary” where it is stored, he reverently worships and adores it. He praises itRead more

For better or for worse

This little phrase is tucked neatly into the traditional vows of the wedding ceremony: for better or for worse. Like many things in life, these words have greater clarity when viewed in the rearview mirror. Only by looking backwards can we see what these vows really entail. Having been married for 44 years. I realizeRead more

Christmas Eve

Imagine your ideal, most picturesque Christmas setting. You know, you have seen The Hallmark movies. Everything is perfect; snow is gently falling (except the Larry Levinson productions, which always seemed to be set in Southern California). Well-dressed and better behaved children gather. Parents are patient and calm… Picture the day before Christmas at our house.Read more