emPHASIS on the wrong syllABLE… OR: Emphasis on the wrong syllable…

  Have you noticed how easy it is to have the meaning of words confused and twisted? It is very easy for things to be turned upside down or get them back to front. Of course this is true in many situations. You say something to someone and they completely misunderstand your intentions. You thoughtRead more

Respite at Richmond VA Medical Center

I just spent a week and a half in the VA hospital in Richmond Virginia. Nothing was wrong, it was just respite care. Respite is a provision the VA for caregivers, such as my wife, enabling them to get a break from their 24/7 care for veterans, me. We are very thankful for this opportunity;Read more

Wait… Waiting… Waiting… Waiting again!

  Waiting is a common “activity.” The traffic light turns red, you must… Wait until it turns green. A friend, recently discharged from the military expects to relocate, but must… Wait until he finds employment. A dear friend and Christian lady receives troubling news from her physician, but must… Wait to see a specialist andRead more

Politics, race, religion…

Yesterday, I spent several hours perusing Facebook. It struck me that I have a lot of friends from a lot of different backgrounds. Thus, I surveyed a wide variety of opinions and comments regarding politics, race and religion. At least two areas of discussion have really attracted my attention in recent days: church polity andRead more

David, Isabel, Bill, Jonathan, Tom, Eliana, Jim…

  Several years ago – actually it was many, many years ago, while our children were still young – Judy and I observed a bumper sticker which is always been one of our favorites: “If we had known that grandchildren were so much fun, we would’ve had them first!”   We have had a veryRead more

I have AIDS. No really, I have aides.

Older Readers will licikely remember when Magic Johnson shocked the world with his sudden and startling announcement, which ended his professional basketball career. Magic had AIDS. Since there was no known cure, his lifestyle ended his outstanding athletic achievements. For those interested, Wikipedia helps us remember: “… Johnson retired abruptly in 1991 after announcing thatRead more

Helpless … or hopeful?

“Well, I can’t do much else about it. The only thing I can do is pray.” How many times have I been in situations like this? I have gotten involved in some project – even some worthy ministry. I throw myself into it and have done everything within my power to accomplish it. I’ve givenRead more

Look it up!

“What does the polar bears say to the wrestler?… Brrrrirring it on!” Like most kids, my grandson David delights in ditties. He really likes puns and jokes which have to do with words. The other day, David was helping me with a task during which he told me a pun. I said to him, “David,Read more

What to do in such a mess…

Our conversation has begun the same way for the last two weeks. “Kip, give me some reasons to vote for Donald Trump for president.” My friend picks me up each Wednesday to transport me to the VA in Hampton. We used to talk about a lot of things, especially the Lord and recently politics. SoRead more


  Breathing, what could be more natural? Breathing is a part of life. In fact, breathing is a sign that one is alive – if you are not breathing, it is likely that you are dead or dying. Breathing is an action that we take for granted and do without thinking. That is, most ofRead more