Refreshments are served…

I’m a big guy and, due to my paralysis/quadriplegia, I require “high maintenance.” That is, it takes a lot of work to keep me going. In my “perfect world,” the Veterans Administration hires healthcare agencies for assistance with my care. For several (poor) reasons, however, the healthcare aides have not been supplied (again) for aboutRead more

Wintry mix or Green pastures and still waters…?

It’s nasty outside today. I hear hail or freezing rain bouncing off my window. It’s cold, damp and dreary. My heart, however, doesn’t have to be that way. “He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters.” The first warm days of spring mark the passing of the wintryRead more

Wait a minute! I wanted to tell you something else…

Wait a minute! I wanted to tell you something else… I didn’t have time to tell you something very important. Last time, we were considering Psalm 23.1: The LORD is my Shepherd. We briefly considered the name and character of the LORD. We also thought about the idea of Shepherd in the Bible, especially JesusRead more

Oops! My bad…

  My last post had to do with Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day. Due to an administrative error on Facebook (interpreted: I goofed), the post included only a part of my introduction and none of the substance which I intended. Thus, in an effort to rectify this, I include it now. Another post on Psalm 23Read more

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day.   Today is Thanksgiving Day. Today is a day to reflect and to thank God for the great many blessings he has graciously given to us. There are many things for which we could and should give thanks: spouses, children, family, friends, church, country, benefits and blessings individually given and received, opportunities, answersRead more


Struggling. I haven’t posted for a little while (again…). One reason is that I am struggling. I am not struggling with my faith. God, who “has begun a good work in me is carrying it on to completion until the day of Christ.” I’m not really struggling all that much physically. I am of courseRead more

Good news or bad news?

Most of us are familiar with the “bad news” of extended waits for obtaining medical care within the VA system. Social media and “real news” reports have cataloged the unacceptable and looooong delays for medical care. I am no stranger to such delays. To be fair, however, I’ve also benefited from very quick responses, someRead more

Package coming tomorrow…

I opened my email this morning to find a message indicating that some birthday gifts I had ordered from Amazon would be delivered tomorrow. No big deal – get those all the time. Next, I receive a message from my Internet provider indicating that a serviceman would be calling between 3 p.m. and 5 PMRead more

Proud to be a slave and proud of my heritage…

I am a white, male, American, born into a lower working-class family. I’ve had to work hard all my life and was blessed to have the strength and stamina to do it. I grew up believing that if I “went to college” I would have a better income and lifestyle.   So that’s what IRead more

Hurricane Harvey Horrified Houston

  For the past week, almost everyone I speak to is concerned about the effects of hurricane Harvey which struck Houston, Texas with a vengeance. Dropping over 52 inches of rain water in many places, the storm ravaged and pounded the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. Making landfall and turning inland, the massive stormRead more