Who were the Psalmsinging puke-stockings? What was the “general sickness?” Is there an historic connection between beer and Thanksgiving?

The Story Of the First Thanksgiving Our Pilgrim ancestors were Englishman and women who had fled from religious persecution to the Netherlands.  In Holland, they were treated as second-class citizens and were not able to provide for their families or enjoy the freedom to worship as they had wished for so long.  From a groupRead more

I think I’m supposed to be happy…   And I am!

I woke up this morning thinking, “Oh, this is the day after the elections. The final returns must be in.” When I turned out the light on the previous night, Mr. Trump was winning and had all but won the presidency. When you back a winner usually you are happy. But I was not. IRead more

What a day!

Saturday started out like many other Saturdays. This time, in the Lord’s Providence, we had an aide to help assist me with my morning routine. She did an admirably good job for the first time; we were pleased. Next, I had my daily “quiet time.” I focus my attention upon the Bible, God’s word. ThenRead more

A “Poor Me” Rant and Remedy

“What’s the use? I’ve done the best I can! It just doesn’t seem worth it. Even though I try to do what is right, I lose out. Everyone else seems to do better as they just look out for themselves. I’ve had it – I can’t take anymore… What’s even more frustrating is the apparentRead more

Trouble… Turmoil… Confusion… Hurt… Hate… But wait!

No matter where you look, you see, trouble, turmoil, confusion, hurt, hate… Police shootings in Charlotte and Tulsa reveal the precarious position of our country. But wait! This is an election year. There will be big changes and opportunity! I don’t think so and neither do most of the people I meet.   I thinkRead more

Celebrating negativity

  Unbridled enthusiasm and expectation – he could hardly stand still, eyes gleaming, hands gesturing and huge smiles on his face – Jonathan, my six-year-old grandson, gleefully began reciting a project he had been working on in school (homeschool). He was so excited that he had to begin several times. Each time he continued withRead more

emPHASIS on the wrong syllABLE… OR: Emphasis on the wrong syllable…

  Have you noticed how easy it is to have the meaning of words confused and twisted? It is very easy for things to be turned upside down or get them back to front. Of course this is true in many situations. You say something to someone and they completely misunderstand your intentions. You thoughtRead more

Respite at Richmond VA Medical Center

I just spent a week and a half in the VA hospital in Richmond Virginia. Nothing was wrong, it was just respite care. Respite is a provision the VA for caregivers, such as my wife, enabling them to get a break from their 24/7 care for veterans, me. We are very thankful for this opportunity;Read more

Wait… Waiting… Waiting… Waiting again!

  Waiting is a common “activity.” The traffic light turns red, you must… Wait until it turns green. A friend, recently discharged from the military expects to relocate, but must… Wait until he finds employment. A dear friend and Christian lady receives troubling news from her physician, but must… Wait to see a specialist andRead more

Politics, race, religion…

Yesterday, I spent several hours perusing Facebook. It struck me that I have a lot of friends from a lot of different backgrounds. Thus, I surveyed a wide variety of opinions and comments regarding politics, race and religion. At least two areas of discussion have really attracted my attention in recent days: church polity andRead more