Breathing, what could be more natural? Breathing is a part of life. In fact, breathing is a sign that one is alive – if you are not breathing, it is likely that you are dead or dying. Breathing is an action that we take for granted and do without thinking. That is, most ofRead more

I thought I might be slipping away again…

  I thought I might be slipping away again… but obviously I didn’t. This was not the first time, nor the second. Over the past six years since my injury I have experienced several occasions when I thought I was – face-to-face with death. Most of these were in times of sickness, but this oneRead more

Words from the world vs. The Word of God…

Walking along the scenic South Pacific shore early one Easter morning, she met her soon to be son-in-law. So she uttered the traditional Easter greeting, “He is risen!” Expecting to hear the customary “he is risen indeed,” she was surprised to hear the young man’s response. “I’ve been up for quite some time. Thank you,”  replied the young man.Read more

I don’t know. He didn’t say.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with someone about God. One of the things we discussed was the eternity of God. Of course it is impossible for us to get our minds around this, but nevertheless we tried. I attempted to direct our discussion by using Scripture. My friend, playing the part of theRead more

Looking for help…

Less than a year ago, like many others, I was eagerly awaiting the change in the political climate. Anxious, rather excited about the possibility of the upcoming presidential election, a reserved optimism characterized hopeful conservatives. We were hoping and praying for a change for the better. While discouraged and disappointed, we were reluctant to recognizeRead more

Chain of command, politics and authority…

Yesterday Judy and I had the privilege of attending the retirement ceremony of Lt. Col. Darren Roberts, a friend from our church. The impressive service, steeped in military (Air Force) heritage and protocol celebrated 25 years of dedication, diligence and faithful service of Lt. Col. Roberts. The sacrifices of his family, especially his wife, wereRead more

Donald Trump and Pope Francis

Is Mr. Trump a Christian? In recent days, presidential wannabe Mr. Donald Trump has been feuding with the Roman Catholic Pontiff, Pope Francis. It seems that the squabble involved Mr. Trump’s comments proposing walls keeping illegal immigrants out of our southern border states. “ABOARD THE PAPAL AIRLINER — Inserting himself into the Republican presidential race,Read more

God and Super Bowl L QB’s

“Dear God, People say you should be yourself… But they never considered me… I know you molded me different… You placed purpose on my shoulders… So now I come to you… Lord, give me the strength to finish this – my way.” – Cam Newton Cam Newton’s “prayer” was transcribed by me from a YouTubeRead more

Mini, our GD puppy…

In early November, Judy and I acquired a little puppy. She was small and cuddly, mostly black, but with white markings on her face, neck, chest and paws. Now about five months old, she is losing her puppy teeth. She still continues to grow – in stages. One day her hindquarter is taller than herRead more

I waited…patiently?

  Another electrical problem – this time it was not a power failure, but an issue involving the electrical circuits in our kitchen! It seems that two of our receptacles (one powers the coffee maker!) and the stove were not functioning this afternoon. Repeated attempts to reset the GFI were unsuccessful. A friend and deaconRead more