Site Hacked!!! But Fixed…

Quick update: I wanted to apologize to anyone that came to the site in the last few weeks and was subjected to the hacked site. Even now, I am not entirely sure what happened or how the site was hacked, but I have taken a number of precautions to ensure the site is safe andRead more

True or false?

God only admits sinners into heaven. Think before you answer – it’s a loaded question.  In some ways, it is similar to the question: Have you quit beating your wife?  Whatever your answer, clarifying information must be added.  (You can deal with the second question on your own.) My interest is in the first.  DoesRead more

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary? Eight years ago, on a warm and sunny afternoon in upstate New York, my life was dramatically altered.  Riding a road bike on a smooth country road seemed safe – even healthy.  I was enjoying the day and making great time over the course when I heard a car approaching from behind.  Suddenly,Read more


Recently I noticed a picture of Prince Charles of England on a website. We share the same birth year. My initial response was something like, “Wow! He looks old.” I also noted recent photos of friends who face the same issue. A lot of people I know are looking older. Just last week in church,Read more

Rough road reminders

On our way to worship last Sunday morning, we turned on to a familiar road. Exiting the major commercial artery, we were abruptly reminded that changes were ahead. In fact, they were already evident. The surface of the side street had been peeled off, leaving relatively small grooves, bumps, and ruts. Following the jar ofRead more

Let it come – the kingdom of you!?

Strange words – unusual to us! When Jesus taught us to pray, “let your kingdom come…”? The concept of kingdom is unfamiliar to us. The term might prompt us to think of the United Kingdom, comprised of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. We tend to think in terms of geography, boundaries, and landmass when actuallyRead more

Strange words

Several years ago, I went to live in Australia. We purchased a house which needed to be refurbished and restored. I also needed an office, which we intended to fabricate from a garage. One of the first things that I needed was “two by fours” to construct a wall. I searched the phone directory forRead more


Last Christmas I received a gift which I have enjoyed more and more each day. Ben and Sarah and her family gave me an Amazon Echo Dot, which answers to the name of “Alexa.” It took a couple weeks to it get up and working but now I am reaping the benefits. For instance, whenRead more

Sweet spot

In a recent conversation, I heard someone make the comment, “We want to find the sweet spot.” By that, he meant that it would be beneficial for us to discover the best or proper niche for what we are doing. We should discover the optimum balance in what we are doing. The term sweet spotRead more

Use an old friend to your advantage? … how?

I often think of Psalm 23 as an “old friend.” My choice of wording might seem odd, but I turn to this old and trusted friend repeatedly. For instance, on those increasing occasions when I wake up and can’t fall back to sleep, I have some trusted friends who visit. One of these is PsalmRead more