“Things are going to get better. Looking ahead.”

“It’s not always going to be like this. Things are going to get better.” I hear statements like this often. Usually, they are from well-meaning people who are comparing their hard situations to my circumstances as a quadriplegic. I appreciate their optimism and encouragement. I am also happy that they are hopeful. Often, their reasoningRead more

Looking up and looking ahead…

“Dear Jesus, please help Pop-Pop to get out the wheelchair.” Each of my three grandchildren who reside with me, begin their dinnertime prayer with these words. They (both the children and the words) are a delight and encouragement to me. Although it is quite possible for God to raise me up from my paralysis, IRead more

“I’ve got your back…”

These words were spoken to encourage and comfort someone who senses danger or peril. Imagine yourself embroiled in chaos and turmoil. Controversy rages; “fake news” flourishes. Pseudo-friends show their true colors. You don’t know who to believe. Smooth tongues deceive. Danger looms. Loyalty seems lost. Trust has eroded; while confidence and optimism have evaporated. FearRead more

Welcomed or not?

Have you any ever been anywhere you realized that you might not be welcomed? Probably so. Take a moment and reflect. You likely recall those feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and rejection… Not a very pleasant experience! I remember walking unexpectedly into a meeting of some folks plotting against me… It was eerie and very uncomfortableRead more

“Switching hats…”

When you have more time than money or even if you have neither money nor time, you sometimes must switch roles. For instance, I would occasionally receive a phone call from my wife advising me of a crisis at home. Usually, it was more urgent than critical. Maybe the car wouldn’t start, or the sinkRead more


Where you go to find comfort? This is an important issue. People attempt to find comfort in a great variety of places. Some try alcohol or drugs. Others try sex or pornography. More respectable sources of comfort might include, family, spouse, or perhaps money, power, physical appearance or skill. The list goes on but byRead more

What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between “I will be with you…” And “you are with me…” In my last blog post (Scared), I told of a so-called “near-death experience” which I had in the hospital, not long after my neck injury. As I struggled to “hang on,” precious promises of Scripture flooded my mind. Many of theseRead more


Scared? I once asked the little boy if he had ever prayed. He quickly responded with, “yes.” Then he told me that he was riding his bike down the big hill on a bumpy road when his brakes failed. As he was about to lose control, he “prayed to God for help.” He was “scaredRead more

Refreshments are served…

I’m a big guy and, due to my paralysis/quadriplegia, I require “high maintenance.” That is, it takes a lot of work to keep me going. In my “perfect world,” the Veterans Administration hires healthcare agencies for assistance with my care. For several (poor) reasons, however, the healthcare aides have not been supplied (again) for aboutRead more

Wintry mix or Green pastures and still waters…?

It’s nasty outside today. I hear hail or freezing rain bouncing off my window. It’s cold, damp and dreary. My heart, however, doesn’t have to be that way. “He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters.” The first warm days of spring mark the passing of the wintryRead more