Hi! My name is William Slawter but my friends call me Kip.

In May 2010 my busy active life was suddenly changed and I became God’s quad. It happened while I was training for a 100-mile bicycle excursion. Riding rapidly on a tranquil rural road in upstate New York I heard the screech of tires behind me and veered from the paved road and onto the soft shoulder. My front wheel immediately slowed but the rest of me continued traveling much faster. Vaulting head over heels and landing on my neck, I ended up on my back in a 5-foot deep ditch. Unable to move, I cried out to the Lord, as I recalled the words of Psalm 46: “God is our strength and refuge and ever-present help in time of trouble.” This truth, combined with the promise of Jesus: “I will never leave you or forsake you”, confirmed God’s commitment to me. In a fresh way, I began to learn his love and care.

Spending the next 13 months in various hospitals forced me to rely on God’s providence and promises. Since then more than three years have passed and I continue to learn the depths of God’s love and compassion. On more than a few occasions I have been very low (physically) and yet God continues to strengthen me and develop my faith.

I have intentionally refused to refer to my injury as an “accident” because I believe that my Heavenly Father controls all the affairs of my life and is using all things (even my circumstances) for his glory and my good. Obviously, this is much easier to say than to live out. Nevertheless, by his grace, I am learning to trust him more and more. To that end, I am most grateful that he has provided wonderful encouragement and support to me through the ongoing ministry of Judy, my devoted wife. God has repeatedly used her to strengthen and encourage me.

So, this blog is all about what God is teaching me as I continue to be God’s quad.

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  1. This is my first time looking at your site after being told about it tonite by Dave B. I am the guy Dave talked to about Medicare etc. I worked for 12 years at your SCI center in Hampton.

  2. I hope this finds you in the same shape as my earlier message. (We know it won’t get better….BUT
    GOD can do anything! I did learn a lot about patience from the veterans in Hampton. However, in June of 2012 when I discovered I have non-hodgkins lymphoma….the word took on new meaning. I am sure it did for you as well when you woke up paralyzed. HANG IN THERE…..oh…..Dave will be back soon.

  3. Dear Kip, thank you for consistently mirroring God’s faithfulness in the perspective you place on your life and circumstances, for not calling our bike wreck an accident, for living in away that intentionally places the Creator, Owner, and Ruler of the universe in the forefront, instead of you and your troubles/circumstances, which I can only imagine are myriad. Will called me this morning, and it was a joy to talk to him and laugh with him. It helped me to slow down and enjoy at least this day better. Judy, you are a trooper, and you and Kip are potent and illuminating examples to me, my family and the world. May God richly bless you all.

  4. Dear Pastor Kip,
    Thank you for both of those wonderful sermons.
    My sister and I go to a Bible club for people with different disabilities usually every three Mondays of each month. These are the dates we meet for this month May 4th & May 18th.
    The name of the church we meet at is called Azalea Baptist church on Little Creek Rd. I’m listing the website address for the Bible club below.
    Love in Christ, Rachel Dunn

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