Site Hacked!!! But Fixed…

Quick update: I wanted to apologize to anyone that came to the site in the last few weeks and was subjected to the hacked site. Even now, I am not entirely sure what happened or how the site was hacked, but I have taken a number of precautions to ensure the site is safe and secure. I also wanted to point out a few changes to the site and how we communicate with readers.

New Email Alerts

Kip has told me that some readers have requested to be notified when there is an update or a new article is added to the site. I have added a signup box on the right called “EMAIL ALERTS”. Email notifications are managed by MailChimp and if you submit your email, they will mail you one email just to confirm your subscription. After that, you should get a notification the morning after any new updates. You will only get email updates after a new post has been posted. I get these updates as well and will be sure you are not needlessly spammed. As always, if you have any trouble, please let me know.


I am not sure we can get auto-updates on Facebook. I am working on it. It requires GDPR Compliance. All of that is a little beyond me and will need to do some research. Unfortunately, Facebook requires you jump through a number of hoops to be sure you are compliant and your users can opt out of any data collection. Both of these are somewhat ridiculous considering 1) almost NONE of our readers are in the EU and 2) we do not collect any user data. Why is Facebook requiring this added red tape? Mark Zuckerberg was asked to speak before Congress.

Broken Links, Missing Images, Or Any Issues

I think I have fixed everything. I had to delete a ton of the software that runs this site and re-install. I have spent a lot of time checking for broken links or missing images. If you see anything that does not seem right, please comment here. You can also email me. My email is my name at Gmail with a dot between my first and last name.

Thanks, Jason

Kip’s Surgery

I just got off the phone with Judy and she asked me to post a quick update. Kip has an infected bone in his toe and they are going to need to have an operation to remove the small toe on his left foot. He has been in the VA hospital in Richmond since Wednesday November 11th. The operation is tomorrow and he should be in the hospital for two more weeks. It is thought that the infection came when a doctor was cleaning the foot and removed some skin but took off too much. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. I will post another update after the surgery.