Kip’s Surgery

I just got off the phone with Judy and she asked me to post a quick update. Kip has an infected bone in his toe and they are going to need to have an operation to remove the small toe on his left foot. He has been in the VA hospital in Richmond since Wednesday November 11th. The operation is tomorrow and he should be in the hospital for two more weeks. It is thought that the infection came when a doctor was cleaning the foot and removed some skin but took off too much. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. I will post another update after the surgery.

5 thoughts on “Kip’s Surgery

  1. Hi kip and Judy
    We were thrilled when ADRIAN Lamrock posted your news on Facebook.nrobin and I didnt know of your tragedy, we are so sad for. We know that our lord will use you abundantly in any situation.
    We have many happy memories of our stay with you in USA many years ago whilst Bryce was working with the fellowship in Denver and Washington. Trip to the amish country hazelnut coffee and thanksgiving dinner. I still have the Christmas table cloth I bought at the shop where Judy was working and enjoy happy memories of you all.
    Bryce is executive director of Omnivision in UK and is currently leaving to set up in either Japan, or USA. Much love wendy and robinmckay

  2. Kip & Judy,

    You are both such encouragement to so many of us. Your love, commitment & encouragement to each other serves to challenge me in my faithfulness to God & those around me. So often I’m tempted to self pity or focus; then I’m reminded of your life journey. Thank you for living such love and refusing to give up. You are very precious to everyone who knows you & your story. YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS!


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