I waited…patiently?


Another electrical problem – this time it was not a power failure, but an issue involving the electrical circuits in our kitchen! It seems that two of our receptacles (one powers the coffee maker!) and the stove were not functioning this afternoon. Repeated attempts to reset the GFI were unsuccessful. A friend and deacon from our church was summoned; he would come and replace the GFI receptacle.


Our friend, let’s call him Matt, arrived and began his relief efforts. He diligently checked the electrical box and the circuit in question. The GFI would not reset. This confirmed our suspicion – the circuit wouldn’t work. Our repair friend had brought along a couple of extra GFIs which he had purchased at Lowe’s. After rearranging the kitchen to gain access to the receptacles, the replacement was initiated! The old GFI was removed and a new one right out of the box installed according to the directions provided. One problem – instructions were provided in multiple languages, but not English. Undaunted, the repair went on.


Now it seems there was a problem in the line or in the main electrical box which needed to be resolved. Once again, Matt diligently and patiently persisted in his work. By now, I had managed to navigate my wheelchair to a position closer to the repair job. Perhaps I could offer some moral support, or at least know what was going on.


One of the items on my agenda for this afternoon was to write this blog. I had been wrestling with my thoughts as I considered and researched some verses in Psalm 40. The electrical problem was really an unwanted nuisance, but I knew that it should be resolved. Meanwhile, my friend was persisting. As usual, the quick and easy Saturday afternoon repair job proved to be more difficult or tricky than at first supposed. This whole process took a couple of hours, not including my friend’s travel time. I was very thankful and expressed my appreciation.


While Matt worked, I sat (feeling a little frustrated) in the wheelchair and waited. At one point I offered a silent prayer to my heavenly Father asking his help in the process. But I honestly thought that this help would come in the form of an electrician on Monday. It seemed like this is going to be another lesson in waiting and patience. But God certainly rewarded Matt’s persistence and answered my prayer. The apostle James said something about “you do not have because you do not ask.” Once I asked, the problem was clearly identified, instructions in the English were found and the issue resolved. Praise the Lord.


Remember that I mentioned Psalm 40? Verses 1 – 3 read: “I waited patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry. He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure. He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord.” (Psalm 40:1–3, ESV)

Do I “wait patiently for the Lord?” The Hebrew root word expresses eager anticipation, tenseness and hope. In this verse, it means enduring patiently in confident hope that God will decisively act for the salvation of his people. Indeed, he has inclined (literally bent over) and heard my cry of desperation. Apart from him, I have no hope. In Christ, he has saved me, setting my feet in a secure place.


Beyond this wonderful truth is a lesson for living in relationship to God. When I call to the Lord for help, he bends over to listen and to deliver me from my trouble. When I am helpless, He is my hope. So he does put a song of praise in my mouth. Thus, many hear of his wonderful deeds and put their trust in him.


Do you see what these verses are saying? At least one reason why the Lord answers the prayers of his people is to encourage others to cry out to him for help. So, the next time you recognize you are in a helpless situation cry out to him. He will lean over and hear your cry for help.

2 thoughts on “I waited…patiently?

  1. The Day I Received This blog, My Son Matt, His Real Name, Was Replacing Worn Recepticles in The 20 + Year old Home We Recently Moved Into. We Were Not in A Crisis Situation, But Our Transition/Moving Was A Real Nail Bitting & Cliff Hanger 2-3 Mo. Ordeal. In Spite Of My Weak Faith, The Lord Supplied The Means to Get The Job Behind Us. P.T.L. Matt 6:33

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