It has been a while… Again!

Yes, it’s been a while. I have often had great intentions but have encountered great difficulties when trying to write/dictate. I had not expected to take over three months to readjust from my extended stay in hospital, but it has. In the meantime, by the gracious provision of God through my uncle, I acquired aRead more

January 18, 2020

Dearest Judy, Happy birthday! Today marks the 70th anniversary of the day of your birth. The Lord has given me the privilege of knowing and loving you for over 50 years – probably 52 or 53! I have seen you grow from a quiet, timid girl to a mature Christian lady – confident, gracious andRead more

A New Trick for an Old Dog

During my recent and extended hospitalization (February to October 2019), I received an email from a friend and elder in our church.  He was aware that I was stuck in bed unable to attend any kind of public worship – not even the VA Chapel service.  He suggested and recommended a link to some contemporaryRead more

Finally back… But still waiting!

In 2014, when I started writing this blog, I wanted it to be practical and personal – something interesting and insightful. I wanted to show how God helps me to deal with perplexing problems and issues. As a result, I have written about waiting on several occasions. In fact, in my last blog (January 19,Read more

“I hate to wait…” used to be a frequent comment made by me. I was an impatient person, always wanting what I wanted now! Now that I’ve been a quadriplegic for almost 9 years, I’ve had a lot more practice waiting. Sometimes, I may seem to have learned the lesson of waiting patiently. But notRead more

No Heat

I woke up the first time, feeling uncomfortable.  I had been asleep for maybe 45 minutes and felt somewhat uncomfortable.  I fell back to sleep and woke up about 45 minutes later, knowing I was cold.  (That’s the way it is with me; it takes me a while to know how I feel.)  Anyway, IRead more

Too long

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve written, but I think I have a pretty good excuse. In early September, hurricane Florence threatened us in Newport News. Since we anticipated losing power, I vacated to the VA Medical Center in Richmond Virginia. Upon my return a few days later, Judy noticed that my right legRead more

Bad luck?

There are times when everything seems to be going against you; you feel overwhelmed. You feel that even though you have tried your best, it just does not seem worth it. Help can be found in an OT account of a widow who lives in a town named Zarephath who felt like that. There areRead more

Community Day!

A Church in our neighborhood hosting a “Community Day” today.  It’s a wonderful event.  There are all kinds of fun things to do, especially for kids: inflated bounce houses, nail painting, craft stalls, information booths for community service organizations and local community colleges and universities.  Ethnic Christian and contemporary music blares from two large speakers. Read more

Loss of an old friend

Earlier this week, an old friend quietly slipped away almost unnoticed.  The strong, steady and reliable voice became silent.  No longer can we count on its company through sleepless nights; warnings of approaching deadlines or of running late are past. I had noticed that things were different, but Judy spoke of it first.  “My parents’Read more