It has been a while… Again!

Yes, it’s been a while. I have often had great intentions but have encountered great difficulties when trying to write/dictate. I had not expected to take over three months to readjust from my extended stay in hospital, but it has. In the meantime, by the gracious provision of God through my uncle, I acquired a new computer.

When I was initially injured, almost 10 years ago, I attempted to use a Macintosh computer and finally in frustration, had to resort back to a Windows PC. Recently, I ran across promotional material from Macintosh which illustrated the flawless operation of voice control – even in dictation! So, I bit the bullet and purchased a Mac machine. The new MacBook Pro are fantastic and I learned to use it well – with a couple of exceptions.

First, dictation such as what I’m doing now, is virtually impossible for me. Even with sophisticated microphones I was unable to make much headway. The second problem was exacerbated when I tried to make corrections and edit. My futile attempts to master these issues, wore out technicians from both Amazon and Apple technical support. Further, I imposed on a couple of good friends who were quite Mac savvy to help. The outcome was identical to the previous one. Frustrated again, I have resumed using Old Faithful – foibles and all. All this to say that I’ve had quite a frustrating time, but as always, the Lord provides!

You may remember that I have been struggling with a wound (pressure sore) near my derrière. Healing has required that I spend a lot more time laying in bed than I would like. Dealing with support technicians on the phone has been additional factor. Sometimes I neglect to set or ignore timers meant to remind me to change position for pressure release. Progress is slow and often hindered by my lack of attention to time. You can help me by continuing to pray for my healing and that I improve my attention to time – that I heed the warnings I receive.

Not everyone has pressure sores to deal with, but most people ignore repeated warnings. My first pastorate was a small rural church in central Ohio. Since our congregation was small, I tried to be visible in our community by visiting our neighbors. Mr. Brower was easy to notice. Every day he drove his bright blue Lincoln town car past our house. One afternoon, I called on him in his home – or at least at his front door. I introduced myself as the pastor of the local church. He was quick to tell me that in years past, he had been active in that church but had not attended in over 50 years. He went on to say that hell would freeze over before he ever darkened the door again. When I asked him why he had been alienated, he informed me that he had contributed regularly – every week – and that during a building program to dig out a basement, they had the audacity to ask for a donation – to borrow and not hire – his draft horses. No sir, he would never go there again.

When I asked him about his relationship with God, he told me that he did not have one now but had his future with God “all figured out.” He told me he believed in God’s final judgment, God’s grace and his own need of forgiveness. He informed me of his foolproof plan; immediately before he died, he was going to ask God’s forgiveness. “I know God forgives everyone who asks for it; so, God will have to forgive me.” I attempted to convince him otherwise, and to establish a relationship with him, but he informed me, “I don’t need that stuff right now. Later.”

Sometime later, I learned that Mr. Brower had been hospitalized and was quite ill. I entered his room and inquired about his health. Straight off, he told me, “I still don’t need that stuff, preacher. Later.”

A few days later, I revisited him in the same room. This time he was thrashing in his bed, on oxygen, and barely conscious. He laid there cursing God and everyone he saw. Not long later, he passed. His “later” never came.

Hear the voice of God in Scripture:
“Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved, you and your household.”
• “Behold, now is the favorable time; today is the day of salvation.”
• “Behold, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.”
• “Come unto me and I will give you rest.”
• “God commands all people everywhere to repent.”
• “… Everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness in his name.”

Friend do not procrastinate. Do not put off until later what God calls you to do today.

One thought on “It has been a while… Again!

  1. I’ve Experienced 2 Stubborn People Like Mr. Bower. Sadly, Putting A Hand On A HOT Charcoal Grill For 25-30 Seconds Would Be A Good Preview For For What They Have To Look Forward To. My DAD Had His Plan (Figured) Out, Waited Till The Last 2 Months Of His Life & God Graciosly Gave Him The Faith, Strength, & Conviction To Ask Me To Help Him Receive Christ’s Free Gift! I Can Only Imagine How Many Rewards More, He Could Have To Enjoy For Eternity, Had He Responded 20-30 Years Earlier. Bottom Line Though, The Many Prayers & Prayer Requests On His Behalf, Were Answered! I’m Also Very Thankful For The Prayers Uttered On My Behalf, & Faithful Examples Of Faith Lived Out By Others, When I Wandered In Darkness! Anyone Who Is Watching Mr.& Mrs. Slawter, Should Have A Tough Time Disbelieving God Exists. Join Us!!!

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