Virus, Violence, vengeance, Vandalism, More violence …

These topics have demanded our attention over the past couple of months.  Headlines, top stories, breaking news have each centered on these topics.  News cycle after news cycle has hyped us into chaos and near anarchy.  Many factions are screaming for attention – trying to get their point across, but very few are listening.  FolksRead more

10 year anniversary

This week marks the 10th anniversary of my spinal cord injury. On May 25, 2010, I was seriously injured while riding my bicycle. Most of you are aware that I am a quadriplegic, being paralyzed from my shoulders down. I suppose that this anniversary is some accomplishment – rather, it is a divine blessing. WhenRead more

Keep looking…

In my 3 most recent blogs I have endorsed an ancient yet proven strategy for facing terrifying situations. Now, I propose a parallel and complementary approach. To explain this, we need to go on a journey – back in time. Imagine you are in a small boat on a large lake in the middle ofRead more

Facing down an all-too-familiar feeling

Trouble, deep trouble, gut-wrenching, paralyzing anxiety is surely in your not-too-distant future. Everyone encounters this dreadful emotion – even Jesus. This is the 3rd blog post in which we are considering Jesus’ field-tested approach to dealing with trouble. (Find the previous 2 on my webpage – Jesus is familiar with the fearful feeling. HeRead more

Quarantine… Lock down… Look up

What began as a “self-imposed quarantine” a few weeks ago has morphed into a government-imposed quarantine.  In recent weeks and days, we have watched our super energetic environment come to a halt.  It is difficult to imagine how a robust economy, busy schedules, and demanding obligations, not to mention personal priorities, could be immediately halted. Read more

Why? Why was Jesus Forsaken?

As he was dying on the cross, Jesus cried out My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me? Why? Why was Jesus forsaken by God? After making a very careful investigation, Dr. Luke reports in chapter 23 of his gospel that Pilate pronounced Jesus innocent on at least 3 different occasions. In v. 22Read more

Peace In the panic

Coronavirus or COVID – 19 demands the intention of everyone. Like the insidious and infectious virus it is, one would have to live under a rock to be unaware of it. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID – 19 is a novel or new respiratory disease mainly spread from person to person. FirstRead more

It has been a while… Again!

Yes, it’s been a while. I have often had great intentions but have encountered great difficulties when trying to write/dictate. I had not expected to take over three months to readjust from my extended stay in hospital, but it has. In the meantime, by the gracious provision of God through my uncle, I acquired aRead more

January 18, 2020

Dearest Judy, Happy birthday! Today marks the 70th anniversary of the day of your birth. The Lord has given me the privilege of knowing and loving you for over 50 years – probably 52 or 53! I have seen you grow from a quiet, timid girl to a mature Christian lady – confident, gracious andRead more

A New Trick for an Old Dog

During my recent and extended hospitalization (February to October 2019), I received an email from a friend and elder in our church.  He was aware that I was stuck in bed unable to attend any kind of public worship – not even the VA Chapel service.  He suggested and recommended a link to some contemporaryRead more